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France: Ellen + Yvan

It's always special when we do a shoot overseas. The sights are different, we immerse ourselves in the surroundings, and everything just looks wonderful simply because it's different to what we're used to.

When Ellen and Yvan asked me to photograph their e-shoot and talked about doing it in the French countryside instead of Paris, I was all ears. We spent half .... more

Melbourne: Ann + Tuan

Ann and Tuan's wedding is one of the more memorable ones I've photographed. It was an emotion filled day that created wonderful opportunities to capture great photos; from the fun and games in the morning all the way through to the tears of the reception speeches.... more

Perth: Mel + Phil

I'll remember Mel and Phil's wedding for a long time. It was one of those weddings that you could see that an enormous amount of effort had been put into planning every small detail and in the end, it was executed perfectly. It was our job to capture everything, and that we did! We ended up supplying close to 3000 photos between the three photographers present on the day which took me well over a week working every night to edit! .... more

Custom-made thank-you cards

Today was card-making day! Ella came into our studio and we designed four variations of a thank-you card for her. They're 4x4" in size and printed in glossy or matte finish.... more

Perth: Flora + Chamara - a sneak peek

Here's a quick peek at a wedding we did yesterday. I'm trying to get into a habit of choosing a selecting of photos to edit the following day for the client as it -does- take two to three months to wait for the photos during peak times. It's still so busy right now though and we're still struggling to keep up... more

Perth: Ella + Ben

Ella tried to book us for their wedding day but we were already booked out. Since she was having a separate wedding dinner on a different day, she requested photography coverage of the dinner plus a location shoot prior to the dinner. We were happy to oblige!... more

Perth: Nhung + Phong

I met Nhung and Phong through family friends so when they asked me to photograph their wedding, it was an honour and a real pleasure at the same time. It was a big, extravagant wedding and the church provided a brilliant backdrop for the ceremony followed by a traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony at a nearby park. .... more

Perth: Rena + Hoang - a sneak peek

I don't usually provide a lot of sneak peaks as it's always nicer to have an entire day's photos up but I think this set pretty much covers the entire day. Anyway, I'm not good with words so here's a selection... more

A guide to choosing a wedding photographer

Choosing your wedding photographer is perhaps the most important aspect of wedding planning since the photos are the only thing that remain once the day is over. Your wedding photos should be life-long memories that yourself, future kids and grandchildren can fondly look back... more

Melbourne: Holly + Sylvain

This was a breathtakingly scenic location in the Dandenong Ranges. It was a small but very intimate wedding, with the Groom's family flying in from France. This wedding was extra special with all the French additions to the ceremony and later on, the singing and dancing during the reception. Definitely a wedding to remember... more

Perth: Veronica + Kelvin

I've never been to Araluen Botanical Gardens before. It's a shame because I have been missing out. Spring time around August-September is spectacular, with the tulips in full bloom - well worth a visit if you like visiting gardens. This set is of Veronica and Kelvin, who we will be photographing their wedding in a couple weeks time.... more

Melbourne: Rebekah + Kev

I love the feel to this set of photos; the morning getting ready shots were taken at Rebekah's parents' house which had awesome wallpaper to create a cool backdrop. After a fairly quick ceremony, we headed to the city and then off to Butleigh Wootton ... more

Paris: Magda + Martin

I'm in Paris right now and going through a set from yesterday. Thought I'd quickly add a few up as I love them so much! :) ... more

Margaret River: Christina + Ash

Christina + Ash are a couple from Melbourne who decided to have their wedding in Margaret River on the South West coast of WA. It was a laid back wedding on a secluded beach with a mix of emotional moments and fun and games of the location shoot... more

Perth: Mel + Phil

Gnangara Pine plantation is one of my favourite places to do E-Shoots in Perth. It requires a 4WD for access (that's OK since I have one) and it feels like we're in the middle of nowhere, when it's only 15min drive from the Studio. I took Phil + Mel to this location last week and... more

Perth: Cheryl + Adrian

Cheryl and Adrian are a young and vibrant couple with so much energy and enthusiasm. It was a real pleasure and honour to shoot their wedding as we had such a fun day. This was a church wedding in Claremont and the photoshoot was at UWA, Freo and Hyde Park. Being a wedding in the middle of winter... more

Los Angeles: Michelle + Ed

Some of you will remember the e-shoot we did of Michelle and Ed a while back in Silverlake, CA. Well they finally got married and we were back there, this time at the Muckenthaler Cultural Centre, which is about 40 minutes out from down town LA.... more

Perth: Andrea + Navid

Andrea is a Vietnamese girl and Navid is from Iran. It was a clash of cultures but in this case... opposites attract. This was the most beautiful wedding ceremony I've ever witnessed. It was truly amazing with all the hymn, prayer and raw emotion... more

Swan Valley: Shirley + Daniel

Shirley + Daniel's wedding was held at the lovely Caversham in the Swan Valley. After a few photos around the area, we headed to Kings St and the Old Swan Brewery to finish off the photos. The reception was held at the Perth Convention Centre. Check out the lolly stand!! ... more

Perth: Amanda + Frans

We photographed this wedding a couple months ago at the Lake Karrinyup Golf and Country Club. Both the Ceremony and Location shoot was at the club and Amanda got ready at her parents' house which was a convenient 5 minutes drive away. ... more

Mornington Peninsula: Anna + Ben

Anna + Ben were married a couple weeks ago in Fingal, around the Mornington Peninsula area. It was an overcast and rainy day which was really a blessing in disguise, as it's the best conditions for outdoor lighting. This set was edited using a Polaroid cross-processed look... more

Pai, Thailand: Christine + Jabin

We photographed this wedding in a small town in northern Thailand called Pai late last year. It was a very sleepy and quaint town with a hippy feel to it with a distinct lack of things to do. There were shirts on the street that aptly read... more

San Diego: Sarah + Matty

This is a set from a wedding photographed outside of San Diego in a small town called Temecula. It was an easy drive of around 1.5 hours from Los Angeles... more

Ballarat: Jess + Mark

Jess and Mark's wedding was held at the wonderful Craig's Royal Hotel in Ballarat, Victoria. We travelled around Ballarat for the location shoot and also took some photos at the local train station before heading back to Craig's Hotel. Overall, an exciting day with a fun loving... more

Lumens Photography Workshop - Melbourne - 28th November 2010

We held this workshop at Elizabethan Lodge in North Blackburn, Melbourne. It was an exciting and enjoyable day that covered many of the typical wedding shots. We had access to the chapel and reception room, along with manicured gardens around the grounds to photograph the location photos... more

Victoria: A wedding at Montsalvat

This wedding was photographed... more

Perth: Erin + Jun

This set of photos is of Erin and Jun which we'll be photographing their wedding in a few weeks time. I took Jun and Erin out with my 4WD to this semi remote location that wasn't accessible by car and we did a fairly quick 45 min e-shoot. The wind, lighting and location made for some beautiful photos. ... more

Canada: Alyssa + Toby

Last week we traveled from Perth all the way to Victoria in Canada to photograph Alyssa and Toby's wedding. It was a wedding for a Canadian bride and Australian groom. The deal was they got married in her home-town ... more

Perth: Kelly + Trent

This wedding was held at Cottesloe Civic Centre and the location shoot was King's Park, UWA, Cottesloe beach and Fremantle... more

A second photographer's point of view: Elaine + George

The following set of photos is from the view of a second photographer. Being a second photographer allows the creative freedom to wander around the wedding and capture moments, obscurities and details that a main photographer would otherwise miss. There's no obligation to concentrate solely on the bridal couple and so, there's a more natural and -real- candid expression in the photography that concentrates... more

Melbourne: Cate + Adriano

Two blogs in two days - I'm on a roll!! :) I edited Cate and Adriano's photos recently and thought I'd put these up as well. It's always a pleasure to shoot at Chateau Yering, a really wonderful venue with exceptional service (I don't say that about every wedding venue out there!)... more

Melbourne: Katrina + Jeff

This e-shoot was shot recently in Melbourne in Fitzroy gardens. I'll be shooting Katrina & Jeff's wedding mid next year and I know it's going to be an awesome day as there's so much energy between the two of them... more

Melbourne: A wedding at the Chateau Yering

Jo and Pete's wedding was photographed in November last year and I have just finished editing the set. The wedding was held at Chateau Yering which is about an hour drive out from Melbourne. The venue was scenic, beautiful and had great gardens and grounds for a unique location shoot. Everything was within walking distance... more


Singapore: New Years, a Singapore wedding and some pics

It's been a hectic and busy month heading up to the new year with three weddings in Perth and one in Singapore. We've added Yoong, a new member to our team in Perth and he and I travelled together to photograph Yvette and Andrew's wedding in Singapore. Here's a few teaser pics... more

Lumens Photography - Melbourne Wedding Workshop

We held our wedding workshop earlier this month in Melbourne. Although positions filled much quicker than we had anticipated (less than 3 hrs!), we'll be holding another one soon for those that missed out. The aim of the workshop was mainly to provide an insight into how to compose a photo, work with lighting and working with the couple. It was a hands-on exercise... more

Perth: Belinda + Paul

Here is a set of pics from Belle and Paul's wedding I did in Perth recently. Hope you enjoy them :) On a side note, I'm about ten weddings... more

Melbourne: A pre-wedding shoot in Docklands

Just a few pics from an eshoot I did in Docklands tonight. Night shoots are hard because there's no light and off camera flash is important to get lighting right... more

Melbourne: An eshoot at Melbourne Uni

These are a selection of pics from Andrew and Yvette's engagement set that was photographed on the weekend. We started off at Melbourne uni then headed to Fitzroy Gardens and then a few around Melbourne... more

Some pics of my new car :)

I bought this car a week before I left for LA. It's a BMW M3, a car I've been dreaming about for many years now, so it feels great to actually own one. Started taking pics... more

Los Angeles: An engagement shoot in Silverlake.

I did this engagement shoot of Ed and Michelle while I was in Los Angeles a couple weeks ago. I've just found the time to put the up as a blog... so hope you enjoy it :)... more

Los Angeles: An E-Shoot

I did this e-shoot a couple days ago, literally straight off the plane after a solid 14 hr flight. The photos were taken in and around Los Angeles and the beach ones are at Santa Monica Beach. It was a HOT day and a bit of a shock coming from winter in Melbourne!... more


I went to Tasmania for 5 days a couple weeks ago for a bit of travel and photos. We spent most of our time in and around Freycinet, which is on the east coast of Tassy. Here are the pics... more

Landscape photography trip

I'm heading to Tasmania this Monday for a week long photography trip to take landscape photos. It should be a relaxing trip, with lots of hiking and lots of 4WDing. Thought I'd add a quick blog to let everyone know... more

Perth: Clo + Beau

I've been really really flat out editing over the last month, and I've finally finished all the weddings as I'm heading to Tassy for a week and then USA for 3 weeks (with 3 weddings inbetween), so I thought I'd try to clear everything before I leave. I've only got books/albums to work on now, which is a huge relief!... more

Melbourne: Suzy + Andrew

Here's a set of photos taken about a month ago in Melbourne. This was another casual wedding (check out that dress!) with the location shoot prior to the ceremony in and around Melbourne. The reception and ceremony was held at Circa, The Prince in St Kilda... more

Melbourne: Su-en + Ian

I've been neglecting my blog of recent as I've been really busy trying to catch up with the peak wedding season. I think I'm about a 8 weddings behind so for all those waiting... I'm trying my best :) Thought I'd put this set of pics up of a wedding I shot in Melbourne. It was a small wedding with the ceremony... more

Ducati 1198S

OK, this isn't quite a wedding shoot, but thought I'd put up some pics of my new bike. It's a Ducati 1198S and owning a Ducati has been a dream of mine ever since I've been riding bikes. It's only done a couple hundred kays, but when it's in for the first service, a set of Termi pipes are going in!... more

Perth: Dee + Robin

I haven't been adding any blogs up of recent as I'm trying to recover from the March wedding month. It's the busiest month of the wedding year for me, and I myself did nine weddings! Damo and I photographed this wedding... more

Los Angeles: A wedding and an engagement shoot

I'm at Las Vegas airport waiting on an American Airlines flight back to Los Angeles. It's a two hour delay, so what better to do than to pull out my trusty iPhone and write something up here. I'm loving work and life right now, they come hand in hand and my work allows... more

Bali: Kat + Marcus

This wedding was photographed in Bali last month. We stayed at a fabulous resort hotel in Nusa Dua and extended our trip for the week to soak in the Bali lifestyle. I'm not that keen on hot and humid climates, (arghh... I hate it!!) but the trip turned out really nice and I had a relaxing week. My goal was to achieve the Bali... more

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