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An e-shoot with Demi & Colin.

We had booked Demi and Colin's wedding day after they'd seen the photos from their friends' weddings that we'd photographed. They were keen on some engagement photos so wanting some Australian bush landscapes, we suggested the couple with this amazing location not far from Perth. 

Mixed with a combination of ground level and aerial photos, the location lends itself to wide, expansive photography.

We look forward to shooting your wedding towards the end of this year guys :)

Santorini: Louise + Daniel

Two of us flew over to Santorini to shoot this wedding (and stay for a week!). This place is epic - it looks exactly like the postcards and all!

Looking forward to come back next year for another wedding there, but for now, we'll let the photos do the talking.

Swan Valley: Stef + Kim

Winter is almost over and the flowers are coming out. It's also a great time of the year to do photoshoots with soft overcast light and colour in the sky. We did this eshoot over the weekend, over two locations: UWA and the Swan Valley. Here's some highlights from the shoot. 

Melbourne: Megan + Gavin

We photographed this wedding in the city in mid April. The amazing colours from the Autumn leaves created a spectacular backdrop for photos around the Treasury Gardens area. We then walked around the city, towards Hosier Lane and Federation Square to create a truly Melbournian feel to the photos.

Melbourne: Janelle + David

Here's some highlights from a wedding we shot in Red Hill over the weekend. The venue is at the gorgeous Port Phillip Estate, about an hour's drive out of Melbourne.

Perth: Sonia + Tuan

We do a lot of shoots at UWA so it's not often we put pics up from there. It's however a beautiful place and although very popular amongst brides, can look really good with those looking for a bit of architecture in their photos.

Margaret River: Jess + Jack

This was one of the more memorable weddings we've photographed. Despite the Bridal Party's bus breaking down and a rather large fire in the kitchen during reception (no one left when the fire alarm went off), Jess and Jack took it all in their stride and had a fabulous day. Here are the pics from the day:

Perth: Belinda + Tan

Here's an engagement shoot we did last week for Bel and Tan. It's back at our favourite location at Gnangara Pine trees, about 20 min drive  north of the studio. I wanted to do a mix of posed, natural and slightly quirky photos.

We'll be shooting Bel and Tan's wedding in a couple months time and I can't wait!

Perth: Ly + Kris

Ly and Kris got married on a rained out day but that didn't stop them from having a fabulous time. The highlight of the day was when Ly's brothers and sisters did a song and dance routine during the reception - it was hilarious. We also covered the videography for this wedding and I can't wait to see this part of the clip.

Vietnam: Ellen + Yvan

Some of you may remember the amazing e-shoot we did for Ellen and Yvan back a few months ago in country France. Well, we ended up doing their wedding in Vietnam earlier this year and they were recently in Perth for Ellen's brother's wedding so we had a chance to meet up and design their wedding album. It was great catching up again, and an honour to also photograph  David's wedding as well.

Melbourne: Georgia + Simon

This is a recent set from a country Victoria wedding. The scene was incredible: a stunning lake set in serene natural forest. Believe it or not, it was actually  the Bride's dad's backyard and we didn't even have to travel to take photos.

France: Ellen + Yvan

It's always special when we do a shoot overseas. The sights are different, we immerse ourselves in the surroundings, and everything just looks wonderful simply because it's different to what we're used to.

When Ellen and Yvan asked me to photograph their e-shoot and talked about doing it in the French countryside instead of Paris, I was all ears. We spent half a day driving around and stopping at locations that looked good from the road, taking in the French countryside which was so green and well... French. In the end we had a great mix of French architecture, orchards, a Canola Field and to top it off, a massive castle set on vast green fields with layers of flowers and a serene lake. You can't really ask for much more than that. The clouds came out for us and in the end, the onus was on me to take nice photos as there were  no other excuses!

Perth: Claire + Todd

I love this wedding set. Claire and Todd wanted photos that were a bit quirky and artistic and I was too happy to oblige. We did a "first-look" at the Stanley Bar and proceeded to do the location shoot at Kings Park. I'll let the photos do the talking...

Perth: Ly + Kris
Just a few photos from an engagement set of Ly and Kris, opposite Caversham in the Swan Valley.

Melbourne: Jenny + Yan

I met Jenny and Yan at a cafe in Melbourne to discuss wedding photography. We clicked straight away when Yan  started talking about cars with me for the next half hour, much to the dismay of Jenny. A week later, they booked the wedding. It was always going to be a fun wedding when, as a photographer, you get along with your clients. It allows me to express myself easier and follow through with my ideas.

Perth: Dina + Ruckshan

Ruckshan is a long time friend of mine that I hadn't seen in years. We met at a wedding he was attending and that I was shooting, and not long after he came into the studio and asked me to photograph his. The wedding was held at Sandalford wineries in the Swan Valley. It was an overcast day with dark moody clouds - perfect lighting if you ask any wedding photographer :)

I played around with a tilt shift lens for part of the shoot and together with the clouds and autumn colours, made for some stunning photos.

Perth Eshoot: Sarah + Cong

Sarah and Cong are getting married in a few weeks time and I can't wait for their wedding. Vietnamese wedding reception always go off and the crazy stuff they do on the reception dance floor is hilarious. We did Sarah's sister's wedding a year or so ago, so this wedding will have familiar faces.

As for this Eshoot: don't you love this light?!

Perth: Ella + Ben

Ella tried to book us for their wedding day but we were already booked out. Since she was having a separate wedding dinner on a different day, she requested photography coverage of the dinner plus a location shoot prior to the dinner. We were happy to oblige! There's two locations here; the first at Gnangara Pines, our favourite haunt, and the second at Sandalford Winery in the Swan Valley. The shoot was on officially the hottest day in Australia ever so it was a real struggle with the heat but I think in-between all the sweat and lethargy we managed a great job in the end.

Paris: Magda + Martin

Magda is a Polish bride and Martin from France. They fell in love in Paris and it couldn't be more of an honour to fly over there to take their photos. I can't help but put up a few teasers of this set from Paris. Hope you enjoy it!

Perth: Rena + Hoang

Here's a quick sneak peek from today's set of Rena + Hoang. If you're wondering, the church is St George's Cathedral in the city - one of the nicest church's in Perth.

Melbourne: Ann + Tuan

Ann and Tuan's wedding is one of the more memorable ones we've photographed. It was an emotion filled day that created wonderful opportunities to capture great photos; from the fun and games in the morning all the way through to the tears and emotion of the reception speeches.

This wedding ceremony and reception was held at Stones in the Yarra Valley and although we don't usually blog this many photos, we thought it was suitable as the entire day was packed with energy and excitement typical of a full-day Asian wedding.

Perth: Chamara + Flora

Here's a quick peek at a wedding we did yesterday. I'm trying to get into a habit of choosing a selecting of photos to edit the following day for the client as it -does- take two to three months to wait for the photos during peak times. It's still so busy right now though and we're still struggling to keep up with editing from late last year.

As for these photos; Flora and Chamara got married in Sri Lanka and entended their wedding celebrations to Perth with friends and family here. Again, a typical stinking hot and humid Perth day, but we pulled through OK, despite myself making the couple walk through dust and sand to get to the location shoot areas! Definitely worth it in the end.

Perth: Mel + Phil

I'll remember Mel and Phil's wedding for a long time. It was one of those weddings that you could see an enormous amount of effort had been put into planning every small detail and in the end, it was executed perfectly. It was our job to capture everything, and that we did! We ended up supplying close to 3000 photos between the three photographers present on the day which took us well over a week working every night to edit!

It was all worth it in the end though, from the morning tea ceremony to the church ceremony and then speeches at night, stirring so much emotion, tears and laughter that it was hard not to be a part of the celebration, rather than concentrate on our job taking photos. There were so many small decorations, so many little things that mattered throughout the entire day, that having three photographers on hand was essential! Looking back, Mel and Phil did a wonderful job being our models for the location shoot, as we didn't have a huge amount of time, being shared with the videographers, and the day was a typical hot 40 degree Perth sunny day to boot.

Nevertheless, Mel and Phil did everything I asked of them through the sweat and heat and we got the shots we wanted :)

All the best to a happy marriage guys!!

Perth: Mary + Karl

Here's a sneak peek album from Mary and Karl's set that we shot last month. It was a memorable wedding, with the bride being late an hour to the ceremony! We did alright though and managed to get in two locations for the shoot.

Margaret River: Christina + Ash

We do Margaret River weddings every few months and even though it's a good 4 hour drive down South, the photos always turn out spectacular. Maybe it's a combination of the scenery and couple's who choose this destination.

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