Photoshop Package 10 photos for $240

Whilst we edit your photos to the best we can with the standard photographic techniques, there's some things we do not do in our standard package,  as this would just take too much time and is beyond our contract and package agreement. Usually this involves using Photoshop to alter images in a certain way by removing or adding objects as well as skin smoothing and removal of blemishes.

Standard editing for our wedding packages includes (but is not limited to): White balance, exposure, highlights and shadows, whites and blacks, cropping, clarity, noise reduction, sharpening, curves and lens corrections.

We do however have a package for those who need more work done using Photoshop. Just pick your required ten photos and we will Photoshop them to however you like. We will:

* Photoshop to make your waistline and arms skinnier.

* Skin smoothing and blemish removal.

* Remove double chin.

* Edit out any background distractions (cars, animals, signs etc).

* Selective colouring.

Or just let us know what you want done and we'll tell you if it's possible!

If you want just one image done for printing, then we can carry out this work for $40 per photo.

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