Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. General

1.1 Edited images will be available for viewing online approximately eight to twelve weeks after the wedding date, at which time an album planning session will be arranged, and all photographs for the wedding album will be selected.

1.2 All albums are custom made to order and once the album selection has been made and submitted for printing, no alterations can be made. The Client will have access to online album proofs prior to printing.

1.3 Any additional costs to the album, outlined in the website, are to be paid prior to album compilation.

1.4 Turn around for the book/albums takes approximately 4-6 weeks after the post-wedding meeting and acceptance of the online proof. Any added extras, including larger book size, extra sides, extra book prints will cost more.

1.5 The Studios offers a 'priority edit service' for $250 and will edit the photos within 5 days of payment. If the service is paid prior to the wedding, then the photos will be edited within 5 working days of the wedding date.

1.6 Edited videos will take up to 12 weeks to finalise editing after the Studio has received the song selection. It will be supplied as an .mpg file for download which can be played on computers and most televisions (but not all TV's).

2. Booking Fee

2.1 Unless otherwise agreed to, a 50% booking fee is required to confirm the Order date.

2.2 The 50% booking fee, or part payment thereof, will be forfeited if the Order is canceled or the second installment of the balance is not paid on time.

2.3 "Order" shall mean requested photo/video services for the wedding day only.

2.4 The Client has the option to change the Order date, provided the new date is not previously booked by the Studio and is within 12 months of the original Order date. Packages and fees are, however, subject to the existing fees at the time of the change of date.

3. Payment

3.1 A final 50% installment is to be made via direct deposit, card or cash at least 1 week prior to the Order date. The Order will not be executed unless the final installment has been paid.

4. Use of Photographs and Video content

4.1 Unless otherwise agreed to specifically herein, the Studio has the right to use the digital negatives/images/video and reproductions therefrom for the purpose of creating samples of the Studio's work, entry into photographic competitions, exhibitions, advertising, editorial or art displays and general display for the Studio.

4.2 All images supplied to the Client is for personal use only and must not be used for commercial purposes. Please advise the Studio if a request for commercial use is required.

4.3 The Client will receive all images as a high resolution, minimum 300dpi and 5500 pixels length. There will be no watermarks on any of these images. The Studio encourages the Client to make copies of the images once received. There is a $75 charge to re-host, image and deliver a new set of photos if another set is required.

4.4 Three months after images/video edits have been delivered to the Client, the Studio no longer retains any obligation to retain a backup of the images. The Studio will however attempt to retain a copy, where possible, for archival purposes, but this is by no means a guarantee.

4.5 All images will be processed, cropped and corrected for colour as best as the Studio can perform. Selected images for album print will be processed further.

5. Liability of the Studio

5.1 The Studio is not liable in any way if in the event that on the day, this Order cannot be completed due to any strike or labour disturbance; delays in any transportation leading to the photography site; equipment failure, action by any local, state or federal government unit or agency; any event considered "force majeure", or any other event or act outside the control of the Studio. Under these circumstances, and if the Studio cannot find a replacement photographer, 100% of the booking fee received by the Studio will be refunded to the Client. The Studio will not be liable for any amount greater than the total fees received from the Client.

5.2 The Studio will attempt to complete this Order with full endeavour but cannot be accountable for differences in perception of quality of work beyond what is presented in the Studio’s portfolio.

5.3 In the unlikely event that the agreed photographer/s is severely ill, injured or unable to proceed with the Order for whatever reason, another photographer will be arranged to photo/video the wedding.

5.4 It is agreed that the Studio is engaged to photograph/video the principal persons participating in the wedding, namely the Bride and Groom, the Bride's parents, the Groom's parents, the Bridesmaids, the Groomsmen and other members of the Bride's and Groom's family as agreed upon.

5.5 It is agreed that the Studio will photograph/video additional persons attending the wedding only if time permits, and at a time when it will not interfere with the taking of the photographs noted in 5.4 above. These additional photographs/video will be taken at the Studio’s discretion and will not constitute a binding obligation on this Order.

6. Miscellaneous

6.1 The Studio is hereby retained as the sole photographer/videographer, professional and amateur, to perform the photographic services requested herein. The Client will take all the necessary steps to ensure that this provision is enforced. The Studio will take no responsibility for lost opportunities or a reduction in quality due to the presence of any video or amateur still photographers.

6.2 The Studio accepts no responsibility for accident or injury to the Client whilst at photographic locations or while traveling to or from photographic locations. The Client shall proceed with the Order at their own risk from injury, accidental or otherwise.

6.3 This order is binding on the parties, their successors and assignees and may only be altered in writing by the parties.

6.4 If coverage of the reception is required beyond 9.00 PM, all service staff present on the day to complete the Order will require a service meal.

6.5 By placing the Booking Fee, the Client is hereby agreeing in full to the acceptance of this "Terms & Conditions". For this Term & Conditions: ‘Client’ shall be defined as the Bride and Groom, and the ‘Studio’ as the photographer.

2nd August 2006 - Amended point 2.1. Booking Fee has changed from 30% to 50%.

22nd October 2008 - Added Point 4.4
10th March 2020 - Amendment point 2.4 - COVID19 UPDATE - Client can change the date of the wedding if affected by COVID19 lock down. The deposit will be held until a new date is agreed upon. There is no deadline for this and it can be delayed for as long as necessary. If the studio cannot provide staff on the change of date, then a full refund of the Booking Fee will returned. A cancellation of the wedding Order without a change of date will be deemed a cancellation and no refund will be provided. 

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